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@lice is a group of business firms working in the field of cooperatives and microfinance, small cottage industries, agro farming and their value add chain development, hospitality & tourism development mostly focused in the rural area of Karnali province of Nepal. 


To provide experiences that is authentically local, in hotels and resorts of unrivalled presence, with service that is truly engaging - the warmth of hospitality.


To be the most hospitable company in the nation-by creating heartfelt experiences for Guests, meaningful opportunities for Team Members, high value for owner and a positve impact in our communities by turning moments into memories.


The main and ultimate goal of Alice Hotel management team is to develop and provide unique tourist product. Our product is a matchless combination of the best business approaches, modern international trends in the hospitality industry and our innovative techniques and know-how.

We always consider as our priority the relation between our guests and the tourist product, we offer. In order to facilitate and upgrade these relations, Alice Hotel management team zealously sets the following long-term goals and commitments

·         To constantly review and adapt to the specific features and requirements of our target market segments: corporate guests, business guests. Accompanied by their families or individual guests to apply a personalized approach to the marketing environment particulars development and updating of the strategy for communication with our competitors, partners and the sectors which constitute our target markets on both national and international level. We are currently focusing the Mansarovar, Limi Valley, and Rara Lake.

·         To develop and sustain a positive image of a well-established trademark. We are constantly increasing our promotion means and channels and are actively involved and I participating in exhibitions and trade fairs in the fields of hospitality industry. To develop and enhance our hotel structure, paying attention to each type of services offered business, accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, sport, recreation, wellness, etc.

·          To ensure invariable high standards of the hotel facilities in compliance with out category, the modern trends in the hospitality industry and the related sectors. To contribute in all times to our hotel team's best for personal development, training and high motivation

·         To revise regularly our goals, their integrity, the actual results achieved and to update these in accordance with the changing environment.

·         Provide a warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures guest feel valued.

·         Treat Each and every guest as unique individual Anticipate guest needs with thoughtful and personal touches

·         Resolve guest problems and never saying no A without offering and alternatives.

·         Be ambassadors for our brand, our hotel, our community and our colleagues.

·         Advancing building design strengthening our partnerships.

·         Serving our communities.

·         Protecting our global environment.

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Sanjay Prajapati

very good guy.


hardworking man



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